Thursday, 21 October 2010


Designer Gisele Ganne first came to my attention back in 2008 when she shown her degree collection at the Royal College of Art. Over the last few seasons I have followed Gisele's evolution and sneak to her latest photoshoot.

Here are some pictures:

Her new collection named HUNTING MAN. Continuing with her previous collection that explored the rituals of mourning and divorce, Ganne’s new theme moves beyond the loss of a lover to the hunt for another.  This exciting new collection brings together traditional customs and practices that surround the act of hunting, making use of symbols such as the stag, the trophy and the prey.  Just as one would display trophies of their hunt, Ganne’s jewellery invites the wearer to bear the mark of the hunter, symbolizing both the pursuit for a new lover as well as the evidence of conquests. 
With “Hunting Man” Gisele Ganne declares the hunting season open!

And here is the result:

PHOTOGRAPHER: Alena Jascanka
HAIR: Sarah Palmer
MAKE-UP: Joanna Banach


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